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Nutrition and Accountability

By Kane Sivesind, CSCS, Athletes' Acceleration 12/10/2018, 12:00pm CST

Our athletes were performing better than ever, feeling good and eating great foods. The daily reminders really kept us on their mind and helped change their nutritional habits.

Rethinking Why Your Body Hurts

By Austin Einhorn, The Art of Coaching Volleyball 12/07/2018, 12:00pm CST

When relating this to injury, tearing down a factory is the same as athletes tearing their ACL. Getting surgery is rebuilding the same factory because the mind has not been addressed.

Why It’s So Important to Feed Kids Well During Growth Spurts

By Casey Seidenberg, The Washington Post 12/06/2018, 12:00pm CST

Protein is the building block of all tissue such as muscles, bones, heart, lungs, skin, and hair. The average teen needs ½ gram of protein per pound of body weight.

Daniel Kerkvleit-Cadet World Team Member

Daniel Kerkvliet will represent the USA at the Cadet World Championship.